Waxing Vs. Shaving: Which is Better?

Nobody is obligated to remove their body and facial hair, of course. It's an entirely personal choice, and only you can decide whether it's right for you. But if you do decide to remove that hair, you have two general choices: shaving and waxing. While anyone can shave or wax as they see fit, generally speaking, women are more likely to choose between the two options. Though men may wax or even use facial wax occasionally, they are more likely to shave by a good margin.

The question is, which option is actually better for you? What is more effective, and what will irritate your skin less? Let's find out below.

Can I Shave My Facial Hair?

Women do have facial hair, if significantly less than men most of the time. Women usually have a fine mustache, as well as light "peach fuzz". Generally speaking, it's expected by many that you will wax or shave your body hair, while you will only use facial wax if you're a woman. Shaving facial hair is often "left" to men, to the point that some wonder if shaving your facial hair is acceptable at all if you're a woman.

Yes, you can potentially shave your facial hair. So why don't people do it as often? For one thing, when hairs regrow after shaving, they may feel harder to the touch at first, which women typically don't want on their faces. For another, hair does grow back more quickly when you shave versus waxing. Waxing will rip the hair out from the root, meaning that it often takes anywhere from three to eight weeks for the hair to grow back. If you want facial hair gone for as long as possible, you should choose facial wax rather than shaving.

What's Better For My Skin?

There is a risk of irritation with shaving or waxing. Shaving can cause small cuts and ingrown hairs. On the other hand, waxing can leave skin inflamed. However, waxing is often better for sensitive skin, as it can be more easily adapted through treatments and salves. Furthermore, there are several different forms of wax for you to choose from. These choices allow you to select the right approach for sensitive skin.

There are many elements to consider regarding shaving versus waxing. Talk to a cosmetician about which option would be the best for you!

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