The Importance of Your Brows

eyebrow tinting

It’s no secret that the eyebrows are one of the face’s most prominent features. Eyebrows vary greatly from person to person, giving the face a particular individuality. So, it’s no surprise that many people spend so much time grooming their brows, since well-groomed brows can make a huge difference to a person’s overall appearance.

Today, many women are attempting to acquire the ideal brow. More than 3 million Instagram posts have the hashtag #brows, and over 600,000 contain the hashtag #browsonfleek. Nowadays, there are many options for creating the ideal eyebrow. Eyebrow tinting is a particularly appealing option if you seek something with more lasting power.

What is Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a treatment for coloring brow hairs semi-permanently. Tinting enables an aesthetician to manipulate the brow region by darkening the tiny hairs that cover the brow’s perimeter to widen it. The semi-permanent dye employed in this process also darkens fine hairs in less dense parts of the inner core of the brow. Tinting gives the brows a fuller front, a lengthier brow line (brow tail), and an ideal appearance. Before fading, an eyebrow tint can last up to six weeks.

What’s an Eye Brow Tinting Session Like?

An eyebrow tinting treatment takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes, including color customization. The semi-permanent dye, which acts as the tint, is applied only for five to ten minutes. Before undergoing the procedure, consult with the aesthetician to discuss how you want your brows to look. The tinted shade is fully customizable. Once you’ve told the brow expert what you want, they’ll blend the dye to match your preferred color.

At the start of the procedure, the professional will first clean the brows and put a thin coating of petroleum jelly around them to avoid any unintentional skin darkening. The dye is then carefully mixed and initially applied in the direction of the growth of your brows, and then in the opposite way. They will leave the dye on for a few minutes before wiping away any excess with a moist paper towel to achieve the best results. Don’t be alarmed if you notice some additional color on the skin behind your brows. It will wash away in a few days.

Without a doubt, eyebrow tinting is an excellent choice for those looking to freshen up their look. If you’re seeking a lift for your eyebrows and overall look in Delaware, give DMTC a call for eyebrow tinting procedures performed by our experts.

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