The Benefits of Massage Therapy

massage therapy for pain

The Deep Muscle Therapy Center has distinct types of therapeutic massage therapy for pain and stress management. Massage therapy for pain can manage sports injuries, arthritis, injuries from accidents, headaches, muscle pain, and stress. We offer four types of massage for pain and stress: deep tissue massage, sports massage, medical massage, and deep tissue massage. We work with physical therapists, primary care doctors, chiropractors, and trainers.

Massage for Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries

Medical massage is geared towards arthritis and accidents at work or home that cause pain, and we can even help with headaches. Arthritis in young and older patients makes it hard to do tasks every day. Our deep tissue medical massage can help manage pain and help you regain movement in your arms, legs, and back. Accidents at work or at home such as falling or slipping can cause pain and injury. Our program can help you regain control over your pain and help you to gain mobility and movement. The relaxation that comes with medical massage can reduce headaches and manage pain. Treatments for a medical massage last 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

Sports massage is suited to amateur or professional athletes that get injured when working out or playing a game. It is for those that work out regularly, run, bike, swim, or go to the gym. It is used to treat knee injuries, strained muscles, shoulders, back, and sprains. It helps reduce inflammation and prevents further injuries, providing a positive psychological benefit. This massage therapy helps all types of athletes keep performing and stay in the game or with their exercise routine. The sessions run for 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes.

Massage Therapy to Reduce Stress

Deep tissue massage is used to manage stress and pain. Those that have stressful jobs or schooling will find it helpful in dealing with everyday stress. It is often used for those with chronic pain and stress. It has 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute treatments with oil, aromatherapy, or hot stones for an extra cost. Trigger point therapy is often performed with deep tissue to manage stress and pain in the body. In a study performed by the Journal of Preventive medicine, it was found that massage therapy could be used to control blood pressure in women with pre-hypertension. Their lowered blood pressure lasted about 72 hours after treatment. Deep tissue massage and trigger point massage are effective in treating many chronic conditions.

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