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Classic European Facials

Our custom facials and skin care Delaware trusts includes – cleansing, mild exfoliation, facial massage, toner, mask and moisturizer. Hot towels, aromatherapy, arm / hand, neck and shoulder massage included. Skin analyses and at home skin regimen recommendation included.

30 min – $40 – our mini facial for on the go clients | Series of 3 – $108
60 min – $80 – customized to the needs of each client | Series of 3 – $216
90 min – $110 – additional extractions and extra relaxation | Series of 3 – $297

Enzyme and Chemical Exfoliation Peels

Your skin care specialist will recommend which is best for your skin type.

Mango Peel – Suitable for all skin types and helps with sun damage, Rosacea, hyper pigmentation, dry, dehydrated skin and premature aging.
Cranberry Peel – Great for oily and acne prone skin. A natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide. Helpful in antioxidants and salicylic acids.
Cherry Berry Peel – Perfect for anti-aging treatment. Revitalizes and protects your skin with the powerful antioxidants to destroy free radicals that can cause tissue damage.
Zesty Orange Peel – The rich source of Vitamin C, folate, potassium, vitamins A and B1. The key to skin brightening, collagen production, acids in the growth of cells and blood vessels, to give the skin firmness and strength to repair itself.
Pumpkin Peel – Excellent for all skin types especially sensitive, acne and rosacea conditions. Nourishes the skin to help achieve a healthy, glowing texture.
Glycolic – Corrective Treatment Alpha Hydroxy Acid – Oily to normal skin and large pores. Improves appearance of sun damaged skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and firmness.
Lactic – Corrective Treatment Alpha Hydroxy Acid – Sensitive, dry or oily skin. Maintains the skin’s pH balance while improving hydration, removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture and lightening skin dark spots. Great for optimal absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Gentleman’s Facial

Specially designed for a man’s needs. Includes everything in a classic facial.

30 min – $40 – mini facial for limited schedules
60 min – $80 – customized to each clients’ needs

Oxygen Facial Treatment

Oxygen therapy for Dry, Lack of Elasticity, Acne, Sun Damaged, Aged, Hyper-Pigmentation. Absolutely wonderful for the client who is looking for instant radiance! Created to suppress oxidative injury to skin cells from aging, environmental toxins, bacterial and viral intrusion, solar radiation and diet.

60 min – $105.00 | series of 3 – $284 | series of 5 – $470

Teen Facial

Great for oily, combination, dry or acne prone skin. This service will help educate you and your teen on how to care for breakouts and keeping problematic skin even and balanced. Your esthetician will explain why a consistent at home regimen is very important! (parent must be present during service)

60 min – $80 | Series of 3 – $216 | Series of 5 – $360 | School Year (10 sessions) – $648

Back Facial

Just like a classic facial but on your back! Deep cleansing and light exfoliation, massage, extractions and mask.

30 min – $50
60 min – $90

Body Smoothie

Salt glow body scrub exfoliates and softens skin. Your choice of relaxation, detoxification, moisturizing or energizing body wrap.

60 mins – $85 | Series of 3 – $229.50

Cellulite Treatment

Helps to reduce water retention & aids in detoxification for smoother skin texture.

60 mins – $85

Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic current pulls toxins from the body through the soles of the feet. Relaxing and rejuvenating!

30 mins – $40

Paraffin Treatment

Hand or foot scrub followed by paraffin application and soothing heat finished with a hydrating lotion.


Waxing and Lash Services


Brow Cleanup – $15
Brow Sculpting – $20
Lip – $10
Cheeks – $15
Sideburns – $10
Full Face – $40


Underarm – $30
Half Arm – $30
Full Arm – $45
Half Leg – $35
Full Leg – $70
Bikini – $30
Brazilian – $65
Back – $70
Chest – $50


Eyebrows – $15
Eyelashes – $25
Combined – $35

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