Joint Pain? Here’s How Massage Can Help

When you hear the word, “massage,” you automatically imagine a spa setting with a certified massage therapist drumming the muscles aches and pains of your back into submission through a variety of massage techniques. Although massage does help your muscles, many forget that therapeutic massage techniques work wonders for stiff or painful joints. Here are some of the benefits of seeking a massage therapist if you have chronic joint pain.

Pain reduction

The most obvious and most-sought benefit associated with joint massages is the relief from pain. It’s been proven that massage therapy is an effective form of pain relief for many muscular, tissue, and joint issues.

There are various massage techniques that can be used to heal joint pain, but some of the best styles of massage include Anma, a technique that relies on energy flow, and Thai massage, a style that utilizes yoga-like movements. Your massage therapist may include other forms of medical massage to help solve your specific problem. Remember to steer away from deep-tissue massages if you have arthritis: the intensity of the massage can be incredibly painful for those with joint issues.

Improved motion

To put it simply, when you’re not in pain, you move more easily. Because massage has been proven to reduce pain in many individuals, the mobility of your joints will increase because they aren’t being put under as much strain. When your joints perform to the best of their ability, you’ll gain a full range of motion.

Better flexibility

Massage therapy is designed to ease pain and improve overall health within a tired, sore, or pained body. The improved circulation associated with massages is also key to helping pained joints heal. The circulation benefits of massage therapy will help your body move more easily than you had before.


This is the most common reason people seek massages after pain. In fact, nearly 54 million Americans talked to their doctor about getting a massage in 2014. Although you will certainly get pain-relieving benefits associated with getting a massage, you’ll also feel relaxed and unstressed while you receive your massage. Your anxieties and mental health will improve while your muscles and joints are eased by the various massage techniques utilized by your therapist. While the muscular and joint benefits are obvious, there are many reasons to get a massage for your mental health.

Your massage therapist may use a variety of massage techniques in order to target your chronic joint pain. They might also give you great tips and tricks for alleviating the pain after your appointment. Talk to your massage therapist about receiving a medical massage for arthritis or other joint pains today.

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