Have You Heard About The Great Results From a Lash Lift?

lash lift

A lash lift can help you to have the lashes that you love without all the daily work. There’s been a lot of buzz about how a lash lift can change how your lashes. A lash lift is an easy way to cut out part of your daily routine without having to sacrifice your look.

Lashes have become a focal point in beauty because they play such a big role in your overall look. Thick lush lashes that are perfectly curled open up the eyes and give you that flirty look that is so hot right now.

What is a Lash Lift?

If you are a fan of using a lash curler to curl your lashes every day before applying mascara, then you will love the results that you can get from a lash lift. Lash lifting is like a hair perm for your eyelashes. It delivers the perfect amount of curl without having to use an eyelash curler.

Many people combine lash tinting with a lash lift to get amazing results. In some cases, you can throw away the mascara after you have a lash tint and lift done.

The Process

The entire process from start to finish takes about an hour. The lash technician will prepare your lashes and apply the lash lifter (eye-safe perm solution). Your type of hair determines how long the solution will remain on. For example, if the hair on your head is hard to hold a curl, the solution may have to stay on a little longer.

Easy Maintenance

Imagine getting the look of eyelash extensions without the maintenance, and that is exactly what you get with an eyelash lift. You can wear mascara, not worry about how you sleep, rub your eyes, get your eyelashes wet without consequences because they are your natural lashes.

You do not have to do anything to keep them looking great. You wake up with great lashes.

How Long Do They Last?

You can expect your lashes to hold their curl for about six to eight weeks. Typically lash technicians recommend you come in at the eight-week mark to have them done again.

Amazing Results

The real buzz about lash lifts is the amazing results. Spa services like lash extensions, and tinting, are great, but a lash lift can be a real game-changer.

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