Get a Facelift Without the Needles: Try a Facelift Massage Today

Getting a facelift massage is the next best thing to getting an actual facelift. Not only does this type of massage offer the utmost in relaxation, it offers a slew of physical and mental benefits. Here are the ins and outs of using massage therapy: facelift massage edition.

How does it differ from a facial massage?

While a facial massage is centered around easing muscle tension and providing relaxation, a facelift massage goes even deeper. A facelift massage is a type of facial massage that specifically focuses on rejuvenating your muscles through deliberate, short strokes to stimulate blood and oxygen and tone the facial muscles.

Depending on the type of massage you get, they can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.

What can I expect during the massage?

During a facelift massage, you can expect your massage therapist to first soften your skin with a warm, cleansing towel. Once your pores are opened, you can expect a typical massage to last around a half hour. A massage therapist will often use aromatherapeutic oils or face-friendly lotion to ease friction and promote a sense of relaxation in the face and body.

Your massage therapist might also incorporate a range of massage techniques when you receive your facelift massage. Along with the expected massaging of muscle aches and pains, your massage therapist might also use acupuncture, whipping, tapping, and lymph drainage to revitalize your face.

How does it benefit me?

Not only will you get some much-needed rest and relaxation, using massage therapy can promote mental wellness and ease anxiety. A facelift massage, in particular, will leave you feeling revitalized and confident in your appearance once you witness the beautiful work your massage therapist performs.

Along with the boost in your mood, physically, you should gain healing benefits from sore sinuses, strained muscles, and headaches. You should notice a decrease in facial swelling associated with sinus pressures and a reduction in the areas of your face harboring your lymphatic vessels.

Your skin will feel revitalized and you’ll notice a decrease in pesky wrinkles and a smoother complexion overall.

If you’ve always wondered about the benefits associated with using massage therapy, don’t hesitate to visit a company offering therapeutic massage in Delaware.

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