Find Long Lasting Pain Relief With Trigger Point Massage

trigger point massage

Clients may seek massage treatment for a variety of reasons. Chronic pain can be one of them. 92% of respondents in a survey agreed that massage can help alleviate pain. Even health experts recognize the benefits massage can have on the body in correspondence to pain, and trigger point massage is just one of those forms of massage that have been found to deliver lasting relief.

Trigger Point Massage

What is trigger point massage exactly? The primary aim of trigger point therapy is to release or soften a muscle knot. Muscle knots can affect anyone and are caused by either muscle injury, overuse, or underuse of the muscles. Even poor posture can lead to muscle knots. The job of trigger point massage is to target those knots by applying varying pressure levels on the muscle knot and then outward to the surrounding area to help reduce (or eliminate) the pain, assisting the client in regaining their full range of muscle motion.

How Does it Feel?

Unlike your regular relaxing massage, trigger point massage can be both discomforting and relieving at the same time, giving you that “it hurts but feels so good” feeling. However, some may feel boosted and revitalized by it, only to feel weary and sore the next couple of days. Others may need several sessions to achieve the proper effect. After all is said and done, what you feel in the end is relief.


Trigger point massage can help anyone who’s been suffering from chronic pain, whether you’ve been suffering pain in your knee, shoulder, back, or have been battling sciatica. Doctors have found that athletes benefit the most when using trigger point therapy to help alleviate their muscle pain after injury, often recovering much faster. Many who decide to get trigger point massage soon find their overall pain lessening, resulting in relief lasting months or even years.

The key to trigger point massage is finding your trigger point. Often, your pain is not where your trigger point is. For example, that nagging pain in your leg could be tied to a trigger point in your feet. If you’ve been irritated by pain for months or years, why not take the time to find your trigger point and get your life back the way it used to be? Give us a call today.

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