Deep Tissue vs. Sports Massage Therapy

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There are two main types of massage therapy, relaxation and rehabilitative. The most common rehabilitative massages are deep tissue and sports massage therapy. They both have similar techniques and overall health benefits and are used to relax the body, prevent injuries, and relieve pain. Even though they have a few similarities, they have different purposes.

It is good to understand their differences to know what services to ask for from your Delaware masseuse. A single session lasts anywhere between 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of massage therapy. To help you as you get a massage, Delaware massage experts highlighted the main differences between sports and deep tissue massage therapies.

Target Areas

A Deep Tissue Massage targets connective tissues and layers of muscles to treat musculoskeletal problems. Your massage therapist uses pressure and deep strokes to facilitate blood flow and relieve exhaustion, pain, or soreness. The technique makes deep tissue massages suitable for pain rehabilitation and physical stress.

On the other hand, sports massages help relieve injuries caused by tension before or after sport-related activities. Next, sports massage mainly aims at aligning the hamstrings and shin, while deep tissue massage therapy is mostly for areas like the back and neck.


The strokes of deep tissue and sports massages are alike. From the vibrations and kneading to the tapping and movements, both share similar techniques. The main difference between the two is that a sports massage therapist may lightly stretch muscles along the joints.

Massage therapists can use many procedures to align strained muscle fibers. Sports massage is also ideal for athletes who want to perform better and anyone who wants to improve posture and stance. Unlike popular belief, this massage therapy is not for athletes only.


Most people find the benefits of the two very alike, but depending on your lifestyle and medical history, one may be more appropriate.

For a sports massage treatment, you should expect benefits like:

  • Swift warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Preventing injuries

Advantages of a deep tissue massage are:

  • Ease of minor and chronic pain
  • Less physical and mental stress
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Relief from neck and back pain

Does a Massage Hurt?

Sports and deep tissue massage require pressure for them to be beneficial. You may feel a little uncomfortable during treatment, but it will not be painful. If you have tension buildup in the target area, then your therapist will apply more pressure.

Delaware’s top massage therapists will walk you through the whole procedure and make every minute of the massage favorable. In the case you do not know what treatment to opt for, they will offer their assistance and expertise.

Choosing the Right Massage Therapist in Delaware

There are many people offering massage services, and you should choose an experienced and certified therapist. They should understand your body and use the best techniques for your pain, emotional/physical well-being, injuries, and soreness.

At Deep Muscle Therapy Center, the massage therapists will always help you select the best option. Call today and say goodbye to all your muscular and skeletal pain and fatigue while enjoying the best sports massages.

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