Dealing With Sore Muscles After a Deep Tissue Massage

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Most people schedule a massage to escape for relaxation and pain relief. What some people do not expect is the soreness that comes after a deep tissue massage therapy session. The tightness is part of the healing process, and it is common in muscles you have not treated or stretched in a while.

If you do not relieve these sore and hurting muscles, you may get tension around them. Read on to understand why your muscles tighten after a massage session and how to handle the aching.

Why Do You Get Sore Muscles?

The technique used in deep tissue massage therapy is for relaxing ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The pressure has to be enough to transport blood and nutrients to target muscles and get rid of toxins. If your muscles have never been exposed to such pressure, they will respond with an inflammation that usually recedes after a day or two.

To gradually reduce the soreness, visit a massage therapist more often. It is also important to note the parts that hurt after a deep tissue massage. These are the areas that need relaxation the most.

How Do You Relieve the Aches?

Try some of these tips from licensed massage therapists when an ice pack or heat therapy is not working out for you.

The first thing you should do before and after your deep tissue massage therapy session is staying hydrated. Water helps your body to flush and eliminate toxins and acids during the massage. You can also drink fresh fruit juice, herbal tea, vegetable juice, and coconut water instead. Stay away from caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks a day before and after your session.

Next, make it a habit to stretch and meditate after a deep tissue massage. Gentle stretches increase blood flow to the hurting muscles, thus reducing tension. Guided meditation will also help you be at ease and release tension from your body. Finishing up with a warm bath also relaxes your ligaments.

When Is the Pain too Much?

It is unsurprising to experience some pain during deep tissue massage therapy. However, if the severity of the pain is too much, your tightened muscles will only get worse instead of softening. For this reason, you must have good communication with your massage therapist.

Whenever they check-in during your session, let them know if the massage is causing more pain than gain. Also, inform your therapist of any injuries and the areas to avoid.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

There are many reasons to try deep tissue massage therapy, and there is no better time than now! Cost-effective, relaxation benefits, and pain relief are just a few of the top reasons people turn to deep tissue massages. This type of massage therapy has also been proven highly effective in treating many medical conditions throughout the body, focusing on injury recovery and prevention.

Other advantages of a deep tissues massage are:

  • Aids in relieving mobility problems
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Postural complications
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis pain

The more you find out about this therapy, the better prepared you will be in determining if it is right for your specific situation.

Where to Get a Delaware Massage Therapist

Deep tissue massage therapy is a highly effective modality that provides you with a myriad of benefits for your neck and entire body. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, this treatment might be the missing piece to your pain relief puzzle. If you would like to gain more knowledge on massage therapy and treatment options, contact Delaware Massage Therapy and Skin Care. Our licensed therapists will alleviate any tensed muscles and keep your ligaments softened.

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