Can Medical Massage Relieve Headaches?

medical massage for headaches

Around 54% of all massages are done for medical purposes, such as relieving injuries, managing stiffness, preventing spasms, helping with pain and soreness, and improving overall wellness. But can a medical massage for headaches help you? Absolutely, at least most of the time. Your massage may vary and, in some cases, may not work with some types of headaches. Here’s what you need to know.

Ways Massages Help With Headaches

It is important to know that headaches fall into two different categories: vascular and tension. Vascular headaches occur due to high blood pressure or other similar problems. For example, a migraine is a common type of vascular headache. Massage therapy does help much with these types of headaches by relieving some tension and improving blood flow to potentially minimize some symptoms.

Tension headaches occur when muscle tension throughout your shoulders, neck, and other spots on the body causes tension in your head. This tension can cause pressure on nerves and blood cells that may cause pain. A medical massage for headaches works to relieve this tension, get the pressure off your nerves, and improve your blood flow to minimize your pain symptoms. It may also decrease your headache regularity.

Massage Varies Based on Your Headaches

Your massage treatment will vary based on where your headache originates. For example, if you have a high amount of tension and stiffness in your shoulders that lead to headaches, your therapist will work primarily on these areas. Often, they use the Traeger Approach. This method stretches muscles and joints and helps to relax your body and minimize your headache pain.

If you’re suffering from headaches caused by cervical spine problems, you may need Shiatsu Massage. This Japanese technique uses pressure on various acupuncture points to relieve tension and get your muscles relaxed and your blood flowing. Tension headaches may also react well to trigger point therapy, which uses focused massage on various trigger points to train your muscles to assume healthier positions.

As you can see, a medical massage for headaches may be a good option for you if you’re experiencing this common problem. By working with a specialist, you should find it relatively easy to identify what is causing your headache and use a massage to manage it. In more serious circumstances, you may also need to get various types of medications that help decrease your symptoms further.

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