Can Massage Therapy Improve My Performance In Football?

Football can be a stressful and physically demanding sport. In fact, as many as 41,000 injuries were related to football between the years 2009 and 2014, according to the NCAA.

Fortunately, there are ways football players can stay in shape and stay healthy while playing their sport aside from warming up and following proper technique. We’re talking about massage therapy.

Therapeutic Massage For Football Players

Football is a strenuous activity that pushes the body to its limits in several different ways. Whether you’re jumping, pushes, or running, you’re risking strains and sprains when it comes to your muscles.

Sports massage therapy is considered an effective way to treat and prevent these muscular problems. What’s more, a single session only lasts between 15 to 90 minutes.

But how is a therapeutic massage so effective in preventing re-injury? As it turns out, sports massage can help in the following ways.

  • Massage improves blood circulation. Good circulation is key to a number of things including overall health and healing. Massage helps to reduce inflammation of the muscles and improve circulation to give your body the oxygen and nutrients it needs. What’s more, when your circulation is improved, your body is able to deliver lymph fluid to the necessary areas to improve healing.
  • Massage prevents and treats injuries. Sports massage therapy stretches the affected connective tissue in your muscle. This improves your blood circulation to the area and helps to prevent adhesions. Additionally, massage improves your body’s secretion of sulfur and nitrogen, which aids in tissue repair.
  • Massage reduces the time needed to recover. After intense exercise, your body can build up lactic acid and carbon waste in your muscles. Massage increases blood circulation so your body can get rid of these toxins faster.
  • Massage improves range of motion. Your range of motion is key when you’re playing hard on the field. Massage helps to improve your flexibility because the amount of lactic acid is reduced in your joints and muscles. This reduces stiffness and therefore improves not only your range of motion but also your performance on the field.

There are many benefits of massage therapy that football players may not be aware of. For more information on sports massage, medical massage, or professional trigger point massage therapy, contact Deep Muscle Therapy Center today.

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