4 Misconceptions About Facials That Need to be Cleared Up

Proper skin care is essential to having younger looking, healthier skin. There are many ways to proactively treat your facial skin to avoid issues later on in life.

Facials can be a great way to manage healthy skin by treating existing features and preventing future ones.

However, facials are often viewed as being unnecessary or superficial, and so there are many misconceptions about the treatment which need to be corrected.

Expensive is better

Most people think that the more expensive the treatment is, the better quality it will be. Often these types of treatments include a variety of different procedures and applications and can range in price. Yet there are plenty of spa services that can provide a high-quality treatment at a lower cost. Knowing what will be done during your treatment can help determine if the cost is reasonable.

You notice results right away

One of the common myths about facial treatments is that they produce immediate results. These treatments, while beneficial in any amount, are most effective if done regularly. That doesn’t mean every week, but adhering to a schedule can actually improve your complexion through consistency. How often you get a treatment depends on your skin type and possibly the recommendations of a dermatologist. Usually, every four weeks is a good rule of thumb if you’re serious about seeing results, but you can adjust that time if needed.

A facial is a cure

While a treatment can help with existing issues, it’s more of a preventative measure than anything. If a facial was a medical treatment, it would be more like going to the dentist for a checkup than seeing a doctor for a cold. A facial is a proactive measure to help defend your skin against blemishes and other issues rather than a corrective procedure.

Blackheads can be popped at home

Just like you wouldn’t cut your own hair, you shouldn’t attempt to release your blackheads on yourself. Blackheads need to be released a certain way, specifically from underneath the pore. If done incorrectly, you can do serious damage to your skin and even have scarring. Over 40% of people have scars from acne by their mid-teens, which is commonly caused by forceful expulsion. The pores and the skin then need to be cleaned thoroughly after release. If not properly cleaned, dirt can build up and create more of a problem.

Using a professional skin care service can give your skin the treatments it needs to be healthy and beautiful.

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