3 Tips For Reducing Your Desk Job Aches And Pains

Many office jobs involve sitting in a chair while hunched over a desk, phone, or computer. While sitting down may not seem problematic at first, sitting for long periods of time can take a surprising toll on the body.

Your body’s muscles and joints require movement in order to maintain proper function. For this reason, desk jobs can often cause stress, aches, pains, stiffness, and even migraines. What’s more, long periods of time spent sitting down can also cause spine alignment issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, arthritis, obesity, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

To reduce your risk of these ailments and to improve your daily muscle function, consider the following ways you can improve your desk job posture.

  1. Consciously fix your posture. It can be all too easy to let yourself hunch over in your chair while you work. However, this can cause spine alignment issues and neck pain. Therefore, remind yourself to sit up straight while you work at your desk. It’s when you begin to feel yourself slouching that you know it’s time to take a break.
  2. Keep your screen at eye-level. Another common spine alignment problem is caused by Text Neck. Text Neck is the effect of constantly looking down at your phone or another tech device for long periods of time. This can result in neck problems, nerve damage, and headaches. Therefore, if you need to work with a screen be sure that you’re keeping it at eye-level.
  3. Consider getting a massage. There are a surprising number of benefits of massage therapy including reducing muscle pain. In fact, as many as 92% of massage clients agree that massage is an effective method of pain reduction. Massage helps to relax the muscles while also reducing inflammation, which is often a source of muscle pain.

There are many benefits of massage therapy aside from reduces everyday muscle aches and pains. Therapeutic massage such as trigger point massage therapy can also help to improve blood circulation and improve heart health. For more information on the benefits of massage therapy or to schedule a medical massage, contact Deep Muscle Therapy Center today.

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