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Consumers of Massage Therapy from AMTA 2012 Research Report

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Massage therapy is well-documented to bring about muscle relaxation as well as increased blood circulation with a deeper massage. As one would expect, deep tissue massage produces an effective increase in blood circulation, meaning a longer dilation of blood vessels observed up to 40 minutes post-massage. Blood flow in certain areas was observed to increase by as much as 42%.

Consumers of Massage Therapy from AMTA 2012 research report:

The percentage of adult American consumers who received a massage in 2011 remained the same as in 2010 at 18 percent. The average number of massages obtained increased slightly, however, resulting in a 5 percentage increase in the total number of massages received.

Consumers increasingly believe in the efficacy of massage as 90 percent believe massage can be effective in reducing pain and 86 percent believe massage can be beneficial to your health and wellness. Massage for medical reasons increased significantly in 2011 as 44 percent of massage consumers got a massage for medical reasons compared to 35 percent in 2010.

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